Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quest List for Starting Map

Deliver Something
Kill something
Protect an area
Escort quest

Deliver something
This quest is done and it was some of the first trigger editing I've done. i relied heavily on Colin's code for the Kill something quest and even got it working to a degree. Colin of course spent an hour after me just making it neater, cleaner and more fool proof.
in this quest you have to deliver a rusty farm trough to a farmer and the return to the blacksmith for a reward.

Kill something
This was actually the quests name for a week or so. Colin did all the Code and managed to make a pretty nice quest. All I did later was change the wording to make it sound slightly less idiotic.
in this quest the player has to talk to the Lumberjack in the town square. He asks you to kill off the bandits who have taken over his favourite tree cutting spot. Return to him for a reward.

Protect an area
I'm still working on this one but basically the quest involves killing all the rats that have infested a field. This quest I have nearly done all on my own. This quest was hard because I first had to make a unit, which can never usually attack (the rat) attack. This involved a lot of fiddling in object editor. I then had to make them spawn in 3 different areas on the map (within the field) and not make the computer crash. The game Warcraft 3 has a flaw. When I told it to wait 2 seconds before spawning the next set of rats, it had a fit. This was because it was to activate the trigger when a unit stepped onto the field. Problem was the game kept on activating the trigger and then trying to re spawn again and again. I fixed this by turning off the trigger the moment a unit stepped onto the field. This quest still has bugs. For instance the rats still try run away and do not attack, even though they can.

Escort Quest
This was commented on detail, this was the graveyard map.

This quest involves cleaning a house of rats. i have started level design but its not complete yet.

None of the above quests are fully complete. For instance the most complete (Deliver Something and Kill something) do not have cinematics in pace et, meaning you know you have the quest but you don't know where from. Also there are no rewards in place yet.


party_over_here said...

sounds like you the game is progressing nicely with a nice variety of quests for the characters,

interesting to see how you go using the war craft 3 cut scene software

keep up the good work

Roger said...

Good description - gives me a better sense of your thinking and work.

Kelicnite said...

thanks, thats why i put it up there

Colmando said...

party_over_here there is an example of a cut scene. It can be found in this blog entry