Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The defend the field quest is complete! well, as complete as the other quests anyway. i also managed to make it not freeze the computer every time you tried to complete it. in the end i used a loop system which repeated up to 40 instead of creating a lump sum of just 40 rats. this gave a much better look and stopped the screen freeze. Colin has also finally starterd to decipher how to link levels. Yay! i'm worked on the Graveyard quest now but this time trying to make it work on the main map not just in a minimap. I am currently having problems with rally points, but i will succeed! here a picture of the new "bob the quest giver" renamed Elizabeth for obvious reasons

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Evil Genius in all his Glory

Quest List for Starting Map

Deliver Something
Kill something
Protect an area
Escort quest

Deliver something
This quest is done and it was some of the first trigger editing I've done. i relied heavily on Colin's code for the Kill something quest and even got it working to a degree. Colin of course spent an hour after me just making it neater, cleaner and more fool proof.
in this quest you have to deliver a rusty farm trough to a farmer and the return to the blacksmith for a reward.

Kill something
This was actually the quests name for a week or so. Colin did all the Code and managed to make a pretty nice quest. All I did later was change the wording to make it sound slightly less idiotic.
in this quest the player has to talk to the Lumberjack in the town square. He asks you to kill off the bandits who have taken over his favourite tree cutting spot. Return to him for a reward.

Protect an area
I'm still working on this one but basically the quest involves killing all the rats that have infested a field. This quest I have nearly done all on my own. This quest was hard because I first had to make a unit, which can never usually attack (the rat) attack. This involved a lot of fiddling in object editor. I then had to make them spawn in 3 different areas on the map (within the field) and not make the computer crash. The game Warcraft 3 has a flaw. When I told it to wait 2 seconds before spawning the next set of rats, it had a fit. This was because it was to activate the trigger when a unit stepped onto the field. Problem was the game kept on activating the trigger and then trying to re spawn again and again. I fixed this by turning off the trigger the moment a unit stepped onto the field. This quest still has bugs. For instance the rats still try run away and do not attack, even though they can.

Escort Quest
This was commented on detail, this was the graveyard map.

This quest involves cleaning a house of rats. i have started level design but its not complete yet.

None of the above quests are fully complete. For instance the most complete (Deliver Something and Kill something) do not have cinematics in pace et, meaning you know you have the quest but you don't know where from. Also there are no rewards in place yet.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Colmando and I (Kelicnite) composed a list quests to do on the first map of our RPG. One of these quests was an escort quest where the player had to escort Bob to his Grandma’s grave. To do this, you took Bob to the graveyard where you are warped to a mini map. Apart from the usual creation of terrain this map involved the use of triggers and object editor.

The graveyard map (below)

In object editor I edited three objects. One was the arch near the entrance which I made smaller and darker to suit the mood.
Another was the tombstones. The only thing I did with the tombstones was to make their minimum and maximum size larger.
Finally I edited the ghost who I renamed Grandma Tabitha, changed from neutral hostile to passive hostile, changed the stats, armor type and made it available on all tile sets for future use.

The trigger editor I am not so used to. For trigger editing I first disabled the automatic starting points. This was to make sure that town-halls wouldn’t suddenly appear in the centre of the map when it initializes. Secondly I disabled enforced victory conditions so that you wouldn’t automatically lose at the start of the game (because you don’t have a town-hall).

I then made my own triggers. This trigger makes it so when the map initializes (the event) the daytime is set to midnight (action)

Trigger in effect

Trigger editor

I then went even further and made another trigger where Grandma Tabitha is made invulnerable (action) as the map initializes.

Grandma Tabitha

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I have finally finished the glossary you can find a link to it at the right hand side of this web page.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Current Work

Not much to tell about this week. Mainly it was fixing up bugs like the fact the hero's looked good (mostly) but weren't heroes. also doing a mini map for a quest. the quest is to help this guy reach his mother's grave. of course you have to pass through a graveyard and defeat the zombies within it to finish the quest.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Progress so far


Two maps have there terrains completed. There is a map whish is just a Consept. I have make a set of tigers to make the maps linked together in a way that seems to work but I think I might have found a map with a better way to link the maps (I will have to look in to it). I have make filters work in warcraft 3. I am putting quests in to the starting town map which Vincent decided. Vincent was putting creeps in to the river map on the 19/6/08 (I will have to talk to him about the difficulty curve for them). Hero models done they need to be imported in the campaign editor. The sound sets for the heroes still need to be made. Some of the creep skins are made. There still need to be more maps made. I need to look in to the triggers for respawning of the creeps.

To do list.

Relook into the triggers for linking of the maps.
Look into the triggers for respawning of creeps.
Import maps into the campaign editor.
Work on a glossary.
Design more maps.
Work how to get the heroes spells to work.
Make up sound sets for the heroes.
Make quests for the town map.
Add creeps to the first forest map.
Make the second forest map in the editor with already made concept.
Talk to Vincent about the difficulty curve for the creeps thought the game.
Put the general project mind map on to the computer.
Work out what will be suitable item for the heroes.
Think of more things to do.