Monday, June 9, 2008

Filters testing

To day I made a test map to see if I could get the filters working. I made some images to use as filters. One of then was a white with “this is a filtter” dawn on it. And the other was white with transparent patches in it. I saved them as .tga. I when to use the tool I normally used to turn pics in to .blp format but it want to open. I imported the images as .tga was it the world editor recognised them as images. I made the triggers to display a filter. Then I tested the map and got it to display a filter the entire game crashed with a fatal error. So I when online to look a tutorial about filters ( /fading.php). Looked like what a did was right but they used a .blp file and the pic was at the size 512 by 512. I downloaded to file from the site they indicated (http://www.hiveworkshop. com/forums/resource.php?t=62877). But I didn’t work so I changed down to size of the images to 512 by 512. I reimported them in tried the map again. It still had the error. To I looked at the comments of the site I downloaded to toll form and some one eventually got a download link for the tool compressed to a .rar and it worked. Then I imported the imaged now as .blp files. I worked, I just had to fix up some miner details with the applying of the filter with the trigger.