Wednesday, February 27, 2008

level design

Colmando and I had a discussion on the plot after lunch today. We worked out the basic layout of the map and where the action will take place.
So far we are thinking of making the character(s) start in a town, then go onto a forest before heading downstream on a boat. This boat trip will eventually lead to a village. After the village the character(s) will cross a desert, pass through a wall, in to another forest before heading to the main evil fortress. The character(s) will then move onto the demon realm for the final quest.
The voice actors have also been confirmed for the main characters. These include the Bowperson, Leprechaun, Thug and main evil character, which has yet to have a name.

Monday, February 25, 2008

25/2/08 morning team meeting

Today Kelicnite and I had our first team meeting I we had discussed about the plot, the characters.
We decided to make it that you can should out nine heroes to play with. The nine heroes will be divided in to 3 types Ranged, Melee and Magic.
The three Ranged heroes are the “Bowperson” who is an agility hero, the “Gun Fanatic” who is a strength hero and the “Random Creature” who is intelligence hero.
The three Magic heroes are the “leprechaun” who is an agility hero, the “Techie” who is a strength hero and the “Magical Trevor” who is intelligence hero.
The three Melee heroes are the “Drunken Ninja” who is an agility hero, the “Thug” who is a strength hero and the “Pompous Fool” who is intelligence hero.

25/02/08 DIM discussion

Colmando and I had an afternoon discussion. This meeting was not long after our meeting in the morning.
We have now decided not to go with 9 characters, each with their own voice, for this would take too much space. we are now restricting it to 3 playable characters and 3 unlockabes (that is if you know the right codes). This restriction will increase the amount of space we can use on other things such as plot developments.
The characters as they stand are a Magical Leprchaun (magic), a Thug (melee), a Bowperson (ranged), Narrator (unknown) and both creators (ourselfs).
We have voice actors for some of the characters though not all.