Thursday, March 13, 2008

13/03/2008 Hero's

Colin and I (Kelicnite) discussed hero abilities. These are our current ideas on the hero abilities.

Leprechaun will have 6 different sections on moves and these will be destruction, healing, buffs, passive, gold and summoning. Summoning will have scout, water elemental and spirit wolfs. Destruction will have Chain lightning, death and decay, fire bolt, fan of knives. Healing spells will be Healing light, healing wave and tranquillity. Buffs will contain steal buff and bloodlust. Gold spells will be transmogrify and spirits of gold. The passive will only have brilliance aura in its arsenal.
The Thug will have a passive menu of spells and a damage menu. We have not decided on the on the ultimate but the passive abilities are life steal, thorn aura, unholy aura, devotion aura and maybe endurance aura. The damage spells will be stomp and storm bolt

Bowperson will have two spell menus which will be passive (true shot aura and evasion) and arrows (ice, poison, fire, explosive arrow (splash), stun (ultimate).