Saturday, May 31, 2008

Map joining testing.

Last night I started to make a map that linked to it self but you would start would start in a spot depending where you left the map by. To do this I had to use the campaign editor which I have not used before but what I used if for didn’t take too much to work out what to do with it. Also I had to use cache which I had not tacked before in the trigger editor and that took a while to figure out what to do. This morning I went online and downloaded a blizzard campaign map to look at to see what did with the cache (from It look like that I did was right. After working for about 45 minutes (including what I did last night). I got the map to do what I wanted it to do. There was only one bug which make the game randomly makes the game loses connection with the host and disconnects (This is strange because I’m doing the tests offline with my computer as the host) when the unit at the start is created. I just need to fix up the bug then it’ll right to use the triggers in the maps.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Something New

Today I did something I had never done before. I imported a model into Warcraft 3 world -editor. This may seem simple(and is) but after getting muddled up by Colmando's explanation I figured out how to do it myself. I am most proud that the character I imported worked first time (unlike the time Colmando did it where he had to fix some bugs). I even figured out how to do it again. Another development this week is the creation of two more random units. What amazed me about these units was that I created them entirely (they are done!) in a week. I seem to be getting faster at model making.