Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Colmando and I (Kelicnite) composed a list quests to do on the first map of our RPG. One of these quests was an escort quest where the player had to escort Bob to his Grandma’s grave. To do this, you took Bob to the graveyard where you are warped to a mini map. Apart from the usual creation of terrain this map involved the use of triggers and object editor.

The graveyard map (below)

In object editor I edited three objects. One was the arch near the entrance which I made smaller and darker to suit the mood.
Another was the tombstones. The only thing I did with the tombstones was to make their minimum and maximum size larger.
Finally I edited the ghost who I renamed Grandma Tabitha, changed from neutral hostile to passive hostile, changed the stats, armor type and made it available on all tile sets for future use.

The trigger editor I am not so used to. For trigger editing I first disabled the automatic starting points. This was to make sure that town-halls wouldn’t suddenly appear in the centre of the map when it initializes. Secondly I disabled enforced victory conditions so that you wouldn’t automatically lose at the start of the game (because you don’t have a town-hall).

I then made my own triggers. This trigger makes it so when the map initializes (the event) the daytime is set to midnight (action)

Trigger in effect

Trigger editor

I then went even further and made another trigger where Grandma Tabitha is made invulnerable (action) as the map initializes.

Grandma Tabitha