Thursday, June 19, 2008

Progress so far


Two maps have there terrains completed. There is a map whish is just a Consept. I have make a set of tigers to make the maps linked together in a way that seems to work but I think I might have found a map with a better way to link the maps (I will have to look in to it). I have make filters work in warcraft 3. I am putting quests in to the starting town map which Vincent decided. Vincent was putting creeps in to the river map on the 19/6/08 (I will have to talk to him about the difficulty curve for them). Hero models done they need to be imported in the campaign editor. The sound sets for the heroes still need to be made. Some of the creep skins are made. There still need to be more maps made. I need to look in to the triggers for respawning of the creeps.

To do list.

Relook into the triggers for linking of the maps.
Look into the triggers for respawning of creeps.
Import maps into the campaign editor.
Work on a glossary.
Design more maps.
Work how to get the heroes spells to work.
Make up sound sets for the heroes.
Make quests for the town map.
Add creeps to the first forest map.
Make the second forest map in the editor with already made concept.
Talk to Vincent about the difficulty curve for the creeps thought the game.
Put the general project mind map on to the computer.
Work out what will be suitable item for the heroes.
Think of more things to do.

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Roger said...

Sounds as though you have a good grasp of what needs to be done. I look forward to seeing some screenshots and video captures of your recent work.